Production Manager

£0 - £40,000
2 years ago
Flexible Working, Manchester

Job Description

TBWA\MCR is an independent affiliate within the TBWA\Worldwide global collective, and we produce award-winning advertising for some of the UK’s most loved brands.

We’re looking for an ambitious and passionate Production Manager to help us create outstanding advertising for our clients. If you can bring Production experience in TV or film, excellent communication and organisational skills and of course a passion for creativity and advertising, we’d love to hear from you.


To manage all aspects of broadcast and content production within agreed budget and timescales, ensuring the creative and client vision is understood and maintained by everyone involved in the project.    


  • Manage the agreed budget and timings for the entire production process  
  • Manage pre-production, production and post-production activities  
  • Actively source and appoint key providers/suppliers and effectively negotiate in search of cost-effective, quality resources  
  • Review proposed scripts with Producer, advising on content and subsequent changes  
  • Liaise with Producer to provide accurate advice on best practice and compliance of all activity with relevant regulatory bodies  
  • Continuously manage and review production process to ensure overall objectives are achieved  
  • Ensure each production related activity is delivered in accordance with expectations of creative team and client  
  • Maintain effective communication with all involved parties to facilitate workflow
  • Actively build and sustain positive relationships with producers, facility houses, contractors, suppliers etc.  
  • Actively follow all approval procedures in compliance with agreed agency guidelines  
  • Collaboratively deliver work that is accurate and on brief  
  • Ensure all required administration is completed in an accurate and timely manner  
  • Be responsible for ensuring your own continuing professional development  
  • Adhere to correct commercial and financial policies, rules and procedures  
  • Participate in and support the culture of TBWA\MCR  
  • Act as an ambassador for TBWA\MCR at all times  

How?  WYSIWYGWe deliver what we promise and won’t bullshit people

  • Take responsibility for your work
  • Remain true to yourself Bring a point of view as standard  

We Hug The Hedgehog – We embrace the difficult stuff, we don’t avoid it

  • Proactively spot issues and raise them
  • Be persistent and don’t easily give up on a good thing
  • Generate practical and inventive solutions  

We're Not The Tax Office – We are industrious, have an agile work ethic and laugh a lot

  • Make it enjoyable for those you work with
  • Foster originality by absorbing the world around you bringing it into work with you
  • Be industrious, agile and entrepreneurially minded; not jobsworth or bureaucratic
  • Demonstrate a love of creativity and our product  

None Of Us Is As Good As All Of UsWe’re not precious, we respect and rely on each other

  • Respect and show consideration for the opinions, roles and contributions of others
  • Relies on the team and can be relied upon  

Everything Sealed With A Kiss – We Keep It Smart and Surprising Keep it smart and surprising

  • An active advocate of Disruptive ideas, striving for famous work that works
  • Communicate succinctly and memorably, in tune with the audience
  • Proactively hone your craft  

Key Skills

  • Production experience in TV or film
  • Understands the nature of advertising
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Passion for creativity
  • Competent in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

So if this sounds like music to your ears, ours will listen. Get in touch, send your CV to mcr-recruitment@tbwamcr.com